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Pastor Rameez Ashraf

Pastor's Biography: Pastor Rameez Ashraf is working as the National Coordinator of FFM. He is a young and energetic Pastor developing his church in the new testament values. He is also currently working for a National Te

Pastor's Testimony: I gave my life to Jesus Christ in a very young age. Have a been preaching the word of God from the age of 6.

Contact Details

  • Mobile : 00923335959688
  • LandLine : 00923319301536
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Address & Services

House No. NW-144, St No. 4, Mohallah Raja Sultan, Rawalpindi

Sunday 10:00 AM; Friday 05:00 pm


Church Description

Faith Assemblies Bhatta Nak Alam is a fast growing church. With outreach to people based in Rawalpindi city and suburbs of Islamabad.

Team Members

Ashraf Sardar, Evangelist Nadeem Ashraf, Elder Majeed Masih, Deacon Javed Khan, Marium Ashraf, Imran Arif